Why multi-day menus?

When my two boys were growing up I remember scrambling at dinner time to put together a healthy meal that everyone would enjoy. It was important to me that we enjoyed dinner together as a family sitting side by side at the dinner table. After they went to bed, in an exhausted state of mind, I would turn to thinking about what’s for breakfast the next morning and what about lunch? What I needed back then was a good solid plan so out of necessity I got organized.

Fast forward to recent times when my husband I spent time cruising on our sailboat. We would be out on the water for three to five to seven days at a time without the convenience of a car and an easily accessible local grocery store. If we were to avoid hunger I needed to reinvigorate meal planning.

Here’s a photo of the galley of the first boat we cruised. It was an O’Day 31. It had a two burner alcohol stove, a small sink, a refrigerated ice box (refrigerated only when the motor was running or from battery power) and a few shelves for storing dishes and pantry items.

I’m a problem solver by trade and planning for meals became a sport involving mental algebra. I would consider how many days away, meals on the boat versus out at restaurants with a factor of how fast our ice would melt! We entertained on that boat and enjoyed many a memorable and delicious meal gazing out across the water as the sun set.

What we hauled onto the boat, if not used, would be hauled back off again. So efficient planning was in our best interest. I believe many people share this same challenge. A friend recently relocated to New York City and she too had to solve for shopping, hauling and storing.

My goal for this venture is to teach my readers to fish; inspire people to think about the meals ahead and plan well.