Recipes for two plus more!

This recipe blog was inspired by busy people commiserating with me about how difficult it is to prepare fresh, healthy meals for two. Sometimes we struggle with nutritious options for dinner.

Most of the recipes in this blog serve two. In the spirit of “cook once – eat twice,” you will see some recipes labeled as “recipe pairs.” The idea is to plan ahead to prepare more than you need of one ingredient in today’s recipe so that you can “quick start” a recipe on another day. For example, prepare enough corn for two recipes, serve corn on the cob the first day and the second day incorporate the extra corn into corn and black bean salad. Each recipe serves two and can easily be duplicated to serve more.

I grew up eating farm to table, so whenever possible the recipes include fresh, local ingredients. Often, I’ll mention a farm or farmer’s market where I’ve found a new variety of vegetable. I encourage you to try new ingredients and expand the colors and flavors you eat.