Recipe Pairs

Recipe Pairs were created to quick start meals. They are better than leftovers because the new recipe is unique. The list of Recipe Pairs below will inspire you to think in terms of multi-day meal plans rather than a day at a time where every night we ask ourselves “what’s for dinner?”

Most of the Galley Cooking recipes are designed to serve two but can easily be duplicated to serve more. Some recipes are labeled as recipe pairs; prep an ingredient once, use twice. These quick start recipes will note the quantity of an ingredient that will be used for a future recipe.

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The Stonington Sea Scallop menu includes scallops, roasted new potatoes and asparagus. Make more asparagus than you need and prepare the Asparagus Frittata the next day.

Make more salmon than you need for the Creamed Salmon with Peas and prepare Salmon Salad the next day.

Make more corn on the cob than you need and use the extra to make corn and black bean salad.

Make Turkey Chili one day and the next Chili Filled Bell Peppers. A yummy combo.

Enjoy the short ribs with barley and then reserve the leftover barley and gravy to make Beef Barley Soup.