Natural Cleaning Products

There was a time when I had a shelf in my storage closet filled with cleaning products including individual products to clean windows, tub, toilet, floor, tile, stainless steel and granite. These products are expensive and take up shelf space; some of them can also be toxic. Avoid products that contain a warning to be used only in a ventilated space!

I started thinking about my grandmother and the cleaning products she used and realized her formula was pretty simple and cost effective.

Tub and toilet: Baking soda.

Floors and countertops: Vinegar, water, a splash of dish soap and some essential oils or lemon for fragrance.

Occasionally she would use some bleach or hydrogen peroxide if she really wanted to disinfect during cold and flu season. Be careful with bleach and hydrogen peroxide as both will bleach fabrics and other textiles like carpets and rugs.

Here is a recipe for general purpose cleaner. Use it on floors, tubs and tile. Do not use vinegar on stone countertops as it can cause etching. I overfilled my wine glass and the excess poured out onto the marble top on my kitchen island; instant etch!


1/2 cupWhite vinegar
1/2 cupWater
2 tablespoonsLiquid dish soap, Dawn is a good choice


  1. Mix the vinegar, water, dish soap in a spray container.
  2. Spray surface and then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.


  • Add 1 teaspoon of essential oil, lavender is a good choice.