Homemade Gift Tags

There are precious greeting cards that I save in a tin box. They are the ones from my children, husband and other special friends and family where handwritten sentiments are included. As I am a consummate declutterer and conscientious recycler, I’ve turned to making my own gift tags by repurposing greeting cards. Here’s how you can do this too.

Tools and supplies:

  • Scissors or a tabletop paper trimmer
  • A one hole punch
  • A roll of twine


  1. Evaluate the greeting card for components that would look nice cropped.
  2. Double check the back of the section to make sure it is plain and free of writing or typeset.
  3. Crop the card with scissors or the paper trimmer.
  4. Once the card is cropped, use the hole punch to perforate one corner or end of the new tag.
  5. Clip a six inch piece of twine, fold in half and thread the folded part through the hole. Poke the cut ends through the folded half to secure to the gift card.