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Chili Filled Bell Peppers

This stuffed bell pepper recipe leverages two cups of the Turkey Chili prepared on a previous day; prepare once and then recreate something equally delicious the next day. We take the Turkey Chili and add some additional ingredients and voila another nourishing meal with little effort. The Chili Filled Green Pepper recipe and the Turkey […]

Comfort, Gluten Free, Healthy, Recipes

Turkey Chili

Turkey chili warms the soul on a brisk fall day. It’s perfect for a horse show or football tailgate. The big bonus, this recipe “quick starts” the Chili Filled Bell Pepper recipe. It is also gluten and dairy free and is part of the “three days of gluten free goodness” menu. Technically, this dish is […]

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The apple orchards are open for business and brimming with apples of all varieties. Take a ride on a horse drawn or tractor drawn wagon; a great way to celebrate Fall by enjoying fresh air and colorful scenery. Pick your own apples and bring them home to make a delicious treat including applesauce, apple pie, […]

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Salmon Cakes

Salmon, crab or cod are all excellent choices for fish cakes. This recipe is quick started by using the extra salmon baked as part of the Creamed Salmon with Peas recipe. A suggested side is roasted potatoes and green beans.

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Harvest Beef Vegetable Soup

This soup was extraordinary. It was one of those “stone soup” moments. Stone Soup is a story in which hungry strangers convince people in a small European town to share ingredients to create a soup that everyone in the town is able to enjoy. Originally, I planned to make vegetable soup with a potpourri of […]


Fish Fry

My youngest sister is an amazing cook. For a while, she worked for an award winning caterer, Putting on the Ritz, located in Laurel, Md (highly recommend). She can throw together a delightful dinner party for 10 in a blink. Recently, her family enjoyed a fishing excursion to Alaska and brought back this beautiful halibut. […]

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Eggplant and Cucumber Pita

This recipe was “quick started” by roasting the eggplant as part of the Eggplant Casserole recipe. The idea is to plan three days of meals, use what you have in your pantry or refrigerator and avoid wasting ingredients whenever possible. You could also dress the sandwich with the vinaigrette recipe prepared for the Green Cabbage […]

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Pork Sliders

Don’t get me wrong, I love pork sausage. I dream about my sister’s biscuits with sausage gravy. This recipe, while not low carb or low cal, does contain less fat. You could omit the bread and go with the eggs, pork and tomatoes. This recipe makes two sliders.