Bring the Spa Home

We need to pamper ourselves during times of uncertainty. When I think about my most pleasant spa experiences, they included an opportunity to engage all five senses; sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. It’s about taking care of ourselves and being healthy.

Here is my agenda for a day of self-care. Other than for musical inspiration, your mobile phone is silenced.


  • Wake and drink a glass of cool water with lemon. Have a cup of coffee if you must but spice it up with some cinnamon.
  • 20 minutes of stretching; I love this video by SaraBethYoga; she also has a video for sitting at your desk SaraBethYoga. The music is soothing and the stretches get your blood pumping.
  • Make a breakfast shake, a Strawberry and Kale Smoothie is a good choice.
  • Next up is a mini-facial. Mix avocado, honey and oats. If you don’t have avocado use milk instead. Leave on for 20 minutes. Ask Alexa to play some relaxing music. Chill Folk is one of my favorites. Then jump into the shower and get ready for the day.


  • Have a mid-morning snack of apple and peanut butter along with another glass of cool water with lemon.
  • Take a 30 minute walk around your neighborhood.
  • Enjoy a fresh salad for lunch. My Radish Salad is a favorite. Don’t forget to include another glass of water.
  • After lunch, find one of your favorite picture books or poetry books and take 30 minutes to enjoy and let your mind rest.


  • It’s time to elevate that heart rate. Do some Zumba or a Cardio Dance Class. This video from POPSUGAR Fitness is a 15 minute beginner cardio workout.
  • Down another glass of water.
  • Enjoy an afternoon snack of raw, crunchy carrots and hummus while watching Matilda, a delightful, feel-good movie with a happy ending.


  • Happiest of happy hours start with some cheese and crackers along with a glass of your favorite wine. Find a comfy spot where you can look out the window and watch the world drift by.
  • Enjoy an easy to prepare dinner of comfort food. Chicken Pot Pie always does it for me. Don’t forget the water.
  • Skip the evening news tonight, and instead find a quiet place to put your feet up and chill. Mix some lavender oil or peppermint oil with coconut oil. Massage into your shoulders and then apply a microwavable heating pad, neck warmer or warm towel. Turn on some acoustic guitar and let your mind rest. Page through your favorite home decorating magazine or simply gaze at one of your favorite paintings or photographs.
  • Give thanks for the day and remember each of your blessings before you close your eyes for a good night’s sleep.