When I was a child, in summer months, I would wake as the sun rose and wander out to our family garden in search of breakfast. While my parents slept, I would graze on fresh green beans and tomatoes. My grandparents lived next door and as my grandfather cooked breakfast, he would see me from their kitchen window. He would come to the back porch door and call out asking if I wanted pancakes. I would scurry in and enjoy breakfast with grandparents I adored.

I was lucky enough to grow up on 18 acres in the middle of an 100 acre park in central Maryland. My mother’s parent’s house, my father’s parent’s house and our house stood side by side surrounded by vegetable gardens, a small orchard with fruit and nut trees as well as three acres of wild strawberries.

My paternal grandmother taught us to can, cook and bake all while celebrating the importance of family; as a bonus she was a renaissance woman in terms of her career accomplishments. My maternal grandfather was a cook, chef, butcher and owned or operated various restaurants. One was called The Texas Barbeque in Laurel, Maryland; famous for their barbeque sauce. He also managed the back stretch kitchen at Laurel Race Track where he turned out homemade meals for the hard working people dedicated to thoroughbred racing. His made-from-scratch donuts were the best. He raised chickens, ducks, rabbits and goats; teaching me lessons about life. I learned to pluck chickens, collect eggs and tend to orphaned, baby rabbits.

We lived a simple, farm to table life with modest kitchens and incomes to match. Over the years, I’ve found that many people live in places where kitchen and storage space are a premium including boats, mobile homes, apartments and small houses. In the United States, the number of single or dual person households is increasing. These people are looking for nutritious, easy to prepare meals for two with a focus upon value.

I was inspired to create galleycooking.com so I can help others realize culinary creativity is not limited by a lack of space. It comes down to proper planning and management techniques. I have some ideas I will share with you and I would love to learn from you.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and methods for improving your compact kitchen experience.

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